• Statesman Stationery Suppliers Johannesburg

    5 Piece Kids

    Art Kit

    for only R250

    Kits include: highlighters, Jumbo Twist crayon twists, Blak glue Stick, Poster paint set and Paint in a brush set. Free delivery across SA!
  • Statesman Stationery Suppliers Johannesburg

    Blak Glue

    ONLY R14.94

    Lending a quick drying experience, this glue stick is safe to be used by your kid.
  • Statesman Stationery Suppliers Johannesburg
Who can Buy Stationery?

Anyone! At Statesman Stationery, we welcome anybody wishing to purchase from us.  Statesman Stationery supplies individuals, who wish to purchase personal stationery, educational or back to school stationery and professional office stationery. Our clients vary from small, medium to large businesses, schools and education centres, retailers, as well as resellers supplying the general public and businesses. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

How Does Stationery Pricing Work?

Prices are subject to the volume that you purchase. Costs vary according to your account type, individuals, business accounts, retailers and bulk purchases are all independently priced to ensure the relevant costing is adhered to. At Statesman we are willing to sit down and negotiate with our clients should the quantities be reasonably sized.


You are most welcome to visit our showroom and warehouse to discuss business and test the quality of our stationery products. Statesman Stationery also promotes packaging for schools and charity organizations and are willing to discuss this with you. We can tailor-make a package within a client’s budget. Delivery is charged accordingly or can be free based on volume.

Stationery Delivery and Shipping

High volume Stationery Orders qualify for Free delivery anywhere in Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town and Major Cities in South Africa.


We do not deliver copy paper or any paper products outside of Gauteng.


Statesman Stationery does supply companies outside South Africa if pre-arranged. However, we do not courier general stationery purchases outside the South African borders. Courier / Delivery fees vary according to purchase and location. Depending on your location, deliveries can take from 2 to 7 days.

Stationery Quality Assurance
As far as our pricing is concerned, we have no doubt that we are the most affordable, high-quality stationery company in the country. Statesman Stationery supplies products that are on par with well-known top brands. Statesman Stationery is a one-stop-shop for the majority of frequently used stationery items. We boast a range of over 1200 items and we also supply bulk stationery packs.
How to get a Stationery Quotation

Send us your list of stationery you require to sales@statesman.co.za and we will gladly quote you the same day by return e-mail. Upon quote approval, we will process your invoice and once payment has been received the delivery will then be arranged. You are also most welcome to visit us.

We thank our wonderful clients and friends for their amazing support since 1999!
Statesman Stationery Suppliers is honoured to consistently be rated Five Stars for our Service, Affordability and Stationery Quality!
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