Arts and Crafts are Fun!

For decades, we have been using arts and crafts to unlock the creativity within ourselves and our children. Children tell stories through their creations. Whether they are drawing with crayons, painting on board, using boxes to make houses and swords or using clay to shape out animals, children are showing us what interests them and where they are emotionally and mentally. And adults have been known to do the same.

Using various mediums is what is so enticing about the items in an arts and crafts cupboard. Because there are very few boundaries set in place with regards to arts and crafts and its vast potential, you find that creativity expands from one understanding to another. There are always new ways to present a particular subject. Across different fields, you find it has been incorporated into science, biology, maths, geography, history, even languages and drama make use of the broadness of arts and crafts. It is a personal touch added to the presentation of ideas, the use of visual aid to bring life to what could have been quite flat.

When we are allowed to explore our favoured medium, it has been found that people identify with their passions using art as a form of expression. Arts and crafts induce thinking, collaboration, conversation and research. As people, we are drawn to that which is beautiful and creative, as well as that which is unique.  In homes, it has become almost a norm to see pieces created by the people who live there. Everyone adding something that leaves a trace of who they were in the moment they created something.

Embrace your inner artist and allow yourself to use what is around you to create a portrait of who you are inside.


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