Customised Catalogue Creations

As we have mentioned, the Chamber of Idea’s here at Statesman HQ has been super active lately, and after gallons of coffee, a whole lot of return trips to the drawing boards, we came up with a feature that went live today, designed to not only streamline your shopping experience but to soup it up to warp speed.

To make your shopping experience the best we can, YOU now can create a customized catalogue based around what products you are interested in.

Catalogue, Classify and, Create

Lets say you are only interested in canvases, just log onto our main site, find the category you need (in this case Arts and Crafts), select it, switch to laid back shopping once the full category has loaded; choose the product your interested in, namely Canvases, and once all the products are loaded you can just click one button and BOOM – like magic, before you’re very eyes, your own personal Catalogue that only features Canvases appears as a PDF.

Showcasing every canvas, its full description, reference number, up to date pricing and a QR Code that you can scan and get straight to the website, plus its a PDF so that you can email away.

Catalogue and Share

Not sure what to get your niece for her birthday, send mum a catalogue. The boss wants options for a new calculator and yesterday. ZING, ” Oh, here’s a customized catalogue, I just threw together .”

We have literally changed shopping forever, the only thing that’s missing is your name branded onto it..but give it time. But don’t take our word, try it for yourself at Statesman Stationery.

Remember, it all starts at At Statesman Stationery


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