DIY | Watercolour Easter Eggs

Watercolor egg painting is so easy and fun.  To create these watercolor eggs, you will need:

If you want to paint detailed designs onto your eggs you will want a very fine brush.  If you are going for the tie-dye Easter egg look like I have done, a bigger brush will work well.


First: Make sure your eggs are hard boiled. You definitely don’t want any messes if one accidentally cracks! And with kids and least one WILL crack. Once they are hard boiled (AND COOLED) Place your eggs in an upside down egg carton. This will give your eggs a nice little place to sit while you paint them.

Next: To use the Pentel Aquash Water brush, unscrew the cap and separate the bristles from the rest of the brush. Next, fill up the chamber with water and reattach the cap. Then, squeeze the brush to release the water into the watercolor palette. Pick up the color with the brush and start painting on the top of the egg.  Pull the color down the side of the egg with the brush or let it drip down. The more water you use, the lighter and more transparent the color will be.

Finally: Once you are done painting the first color, add as many more colors as you want.  Make sure to add more colors wile the paint is still wet in order to give it a tie dye look. Once the egg has dried, turn it over and paint the bottom of the egg in the same way you painted the top.

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