Family and Friends Together

Family and Friends, the greatest gift of all!

At this time of the year we are planning, we are excitedly coordinating special events, and the time has come to make new memories with the ones we hold dear. Most people only get the holidays to spend with the ones they treasure most in this world, and at this time of the year, we gather in great numbers and celebrate the blessing the year has been. We laugh, we share our thoughts and dreams, we dance and sing. This what this season is truly about.

It is about recognition and appreciation of the greatest gift of all, our friends and families. This gift comes wrapped in smiles, presented in hugs, unwrapped with laughter and last a lifetime. There is joy in having the children running around, while moms and wives prepare meals to nourish their loved ones and, fathers and husbands reminisce about the years of their youth. Young ladies giggle about the sweet memories they made and, young men flex their muscles and show how much they have grown. Granny’s, Aunties, Grandpa’s and Uncles watch in glee as they realize how big their tables have to be.

This is the time we receive and give so much of ourselves and others, the joy seeps out of our hearts onto faces and into our actions. We have been blessed with the greatest gifts because of the ones we love.

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