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Each one of us is a creator, some people are fantastic with words, others can paint in ways that bring us to tears, there are people who work with their hands creating furniture pieces that stand the test of time. Designers bring drawings to life in the clothing, pictures, buildings, parks, bridges, nature reserves and all kinds of beautiful things that surround us. Even music starts with a thought that breaks out into sound and rhythm.

The beginning of it all will find a way onto paper, songs need to be written and the sheet music must be laid out. For a designer dress to find its way onto a hanger in your cupboard, a drawing is put in a drawing pad. For architects to put their thoughts into order, they draw a sketch of what they see. Even graphic novels begin on paper with a pencil. From there the path of endless creative mediums is open, different paints, crayons, chalks, instruments, textures, fabrics all waiting to find a way to bring emotion to those around it. The manifestation of your art is up to you.

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