Homemade greeting cards

Homemade greeting cards are beautiful!

Of all the gifts we receive at this time of year, the ones most treasured are the ones made by hand. Homemade greeting cards are carefully thought out, the messages are written are personalised by the card maker, and the words are especially for the receiver. A lot of great thought is put into these cards, and the time spent making the cards is a reflection on the memories made with that special person. 

In preparation of the card making affair, we gather up all the supplies from the craft cupboard. We layout the cardboard, the paint and brushes are set up for use. Glueglitter and other small decorations are collected and set out on the craft table, all is ready for the making of the special cards for the ones we hold dear. 

Not only is this a time for making gifts, but it is also a time to share. Gathered around together and crafting, we get to make a new set of memories with our family and friends. During these card making experiences, we laugh and share our hopes and dreams. It is a time of bonding and sometimes when someone new has been introduced to the family, this is a time to get to know them.  

Homemade greeting cards are not just about saving money, the making and presenting of the cards is the act of giving a piece of who you in a message filled with love and hope. 


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