Keeping a Diary

There are two kinds of diaries in this world, the one that organizes your life and the other that organizes your thoughts. Each one holds a different weight in our hand and each one is important to how we get through each day. Some may value the diary of organization; others may see more clearly because of the diary of thoughts. Both carry important dates, times, events, each will explain it in a different way, but both are important to someone.

In the current times, a lot of diaries are kept on a device of some sort, sent to the cloud where it may never be lost, and it makes sense that this is the way the world has gone. No one wants to lose their documented time.  However, there are some of us that still like the feel of a book, some bound in leather, others have hardboard covers and some are even soft, there are pages to write on, a pen to use and texture to the diaries we fill. Very little compares to flipping through the pages while trying to find something important and getting caught in a moment remembering the days gone by.

Keeping a diary, no matter its purpose is a truly personal thing and those who have felt its call will always remember the way a brand new diary smells, how crisp the pages were on that very first day and when we get a chance to open the cover again, we get to look back on our own documented history.

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