Let our children play!

Children love to play and are tactile learners; this is a known fact within the parenting and education world. Children are encouraged to learn from a young age, and it is best done during play.

Babies tend to touch, grab, squeeze and taste whatever they can get their hands on. They are attracted to bright colours and mesmerizing sounds.  Laughter bellows out of their souls while they discover different textures, they learn with one of deepest senses, touch and touch is closely linked to emotions.

Toddlers and young children enjoy movable objects like building blocks, cars, plush toys, action figurines and dolls, playhouses, balls, hula-hoops and so forth. Roleplay such as teacher-teacher, cops and robbers, playing house and shopping games. Artistic expression like painting, drawing, playing musical instruments and even forms of engineering design.

They feel pride when they have created great big adventures from their imaginations. They get excited when they can share these experiences with us, and they feel loved when we are taking part in their joy.

Older children and even teenagers tend to learn through interactive group games such as sports, drama, music and choreographed dancing, art activities and outdoor exploration. At this age, they are far more independent and are on a journey of self-discovery, they are navigating their understanding and their desires for their futures. And it is inside of this newfound freedom, they establish themselves and grow in leaps and bounds with us watching them fly.

All these “play-educational activities” include, laughter, human interaction, structure, learning and freedom enabling the growth of confidence, knowledge as well as self and social awareness.

By allowing children to play while learning you are stimulating all aspects of their being, this includes their emotional development, physical understanding, mental exploration, conflict management and so much more. Let children play, because it’s through play they discover who they are and where they fit into this world. Learning is an act of feeling and feelings are grounded inside a world that encourages growth.

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