Every child wants the freedom to show the world who they are, they want to explore the mediums available in their day to day life and they want to navigate their own version of self-expression. Some children love Lego, others like to paint, some even like to build elaborate stories while rearranging their immediate environment to suit their imagination in that very moment. For the most part, you will find they are gathering what is accessible to them and most of the time that would be the stationery supplies they see every day.

They will draw signs for their “shop”, they will paint the perfect picture for Barbies wall or create a whole new racetrack for their favourite car using an old delivery box and every instrument of creativity they can get their hands on. This is not only fun; it is a way for a child to showcase their skills and understanding. It is a beautiful way for parents to get to know their children. Even better, being a part of this self-expression as a parent is quite exciting. Children engage with their parents when they feel seen and heard. By using art and colour this is exactly how children get our attention.

Why you ask, well, how many homes have you been into with children that do not have a wall, fridge door or room dedicated to their children’s art projects? We all gleam with pride when our children bring us something they have made, we love watching them show us the play or dance they created, we giggle when they bring us their attempt at a “store-bought” card. It’s beautiful for parents to know that their child worked so hard at making something they are proud of. Feed that, take part in their stories and creations, the worst thing that will happen is you will get paint on your hands but the smile on their faces will be imprinted on your heart forever. 

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