Social development through arts and crafts

Children love to do art projects and it’s a fantastic way to get a group of children or even parents and children together to create, laugh, talk, share and build something together. Their ability to work independently on a specific part of the project or as a collective to produce a final product gives them courage, a sense of achievement and makes them feel more comfortable in group activities. 

Children who are still learning to navigate their place in social circles are often left out of group activities because they are shy, uncertain or have not mastered a specific skill. This in itself can cause a child to feel frustrated, self-conscious and they tend to distance themselves from specific tasks or encounters as a result. 

This changes when they are accepted and given the opportunity to do something they are familiar with inside the project and to watch and learn from their peers, siblings and parents. Even the simplest tasks, whether it is choosing the colours, the glitter, the shapes or even the concept builds confidence, opens dialogue and creates a fun environment for mastering new skills. Children grow through encouragement and a feeling of belonging. We are social creatures after all.

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