Some Surprising Statistics About Stationery!

Does Stationery Make You Happy??

A survey conducted in the UK shows that people are comforted by simple stationery items like pens, pencils, notepads, and diaries. (

I know I always have a diary and a pen or pencil with me.

So could stationery actually provide a balm for our overloaded, over-digitalized lives? Psychology writer Oliver Burkeman thinks perhaps it can.

“I definitely feel like my life is more under control when things are on a list, but the interesting question, I suppose, is why that feels more the case with a paper notebook than a digital list,” he says.

“Perhaps it’s because the world of digital technology is ultimately mysterious – I don’t truly understand how my laptop or smartphone work, after all – whereas a paper notebook is physical, down-to-earth, easily understandable.”

But in an ironic twist, it’s actually on the internet that stationery is currently most celebrated. A recent survey showed the 68 % of people who purchased their stationery online, rated the experience as enjoyable, compared to the 32% who had to physically visit an outlet as they didn’t have the option of shopping online.

Luckily at Statesman Stationery, we have the best of both worlds on offer, our digital store is as easy to navigate and user-friendly as our retail outlet

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