Statesman’s youngest Employee!

On the 3rd of December, a  determined young lady arrived for her first day of work at Statesman Stationery. Just a few days before she had asked for a holiday job to help her pay for her stationery and her school uniforms as well as that of her little sister. Even though Statesman was fully staffed we could not turn Rabia away, especially when she was so meticulous at justifying her desire to work for us. Rabia has been using our stationery since 2015 and can tell you all about our brand and the quality of our products. 

At the young age of 14 years old, Rabia is a high school student living close to Statesman Stationery and is enthusiastic about learning the ropes.  Rabia is determined to be a proactive benefactor in her future, she believes that education is part of everyday life and because she knows that her love for stationery is a life long commitment, she wants to get ahead of the working game and ensure she never runs out of ink or paint.  

When thinking about what Rabia could do at Statesmen, we quickly realized she had the perfect personality for customer services and because of her meticulous nature and intimate knowledge of our shop floor, order picking was a natural second choice for her duties. 

At school, Rabia enjoys all her subjects, but most of all she loves Natural Science and Afrikaans. Rabia has a younger sister who also loves our stationery, and Rabia is using her earnings to ensure both her and her sister are kitted out with all the Statesman’s gear they can use. 

We at Statesman Stationery are exceptionally proud of Rabia, and her determination and focus have endeared her to the whole Statesman Stationery team. This sure-fire leader of tomorrow has not only taken huge steps in developing and securing her own future but has also wholeheartedly captured the attention and affections of staff and customers alike.

Statesman Stationery is extraordinarily proud to be a part of this young lady’s life journey, may it take her from strength to strength.

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