Task lists – a survival tool

Ode to the ever-needed task lists we use to navigate our days. These lists carry our sanity, our structure and our must do’s for the day, week and month. Without them, we find ourselves frantically scrambling to get things done and without our list, we tend to do things that are not even in our thought patterns because we forgot to work our way from the top of that list to the bottom.

Task lists (or To-Do lists) are possibly a woman’s lifesaver, especially with the demands of today. As mothers, we get up earlier each day. We do this because we want to achieve all we need for ourselves, our families and within our jobs. Daily tasks can easily spin out of control if we do not have a starting point and a way to make ourselves stop at the end of the day.

By checking off the tasks, no matter how big or small, we feel a sense of control, we feel as though we achieved what lay ahead of us for the day and when we see more checks than clear boxes we know that we have used our time wisely. Task lists are a friend and ally in maintaining balance in our daily lives. 

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