Teach your child using stationery stock lists and online shopping

As far out there as this concept seems, look at how you can use something as simple as a stationery stock list, upcycling list and online shopping list to teach your children. 

Think about it, a stationery cupboard or arts and crafts cupboards are like any other learning tool. You have your paints, papers, boards, pens and pencils, your reusable items (like toilet rolls, toothpaste boxes, old tubs, paintbrushes and boxes) and this can all become a stock list. This stock list teaches your child quantities, colours, shapes, measurements, uses and self-management of items. It also teaches your children to be aware of what they have on hand and how to use these items responsibly. By involving them in the stock control and the replacement thereof, you are tackling a large number of items on your “learning” list. Spelling and writing, because they need to know how to write those things down, numbers, cost of items (money) and budgeting. They are learning to identify the shapes, sizes and colours and they are beginning to understand the list of most used / least used items in their collection of supplies. 

By involving children in the stocking of their supply cupboard you are giving them responsibility for how they are using these items, how not to waste, how to work within their budgets and needs, as well as enabling them to manage the cost of their creative tools. By including upcycled items to their list, you are teaching them to be aware of what can be reused and you are also teaching them to be mindful of their environmental impact. 

Everyday tasks like managing their stationery easily become lasting practices. Not only that, you are giving your child the ability to take part in the management of themselves and the world around them. 

Empowering Children Through Everyday Life!

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