The Chairbag of Champions

The Amazing Store It All – The Chairbag

Of all the things I remember and miss about school the most ( and this is it, the full list folks), nothing ever came close to the chairbag. Such a simple and yet brilliant invention!

You always knew where your books were; your stationery was safe and sound. And you got to decorate it to make it truly yours!

Everything from badly painted ManUnited logos and indistinguishable superheroes, your name in your best handwriting, stars, glitter glue, those super cool iron or stick on material stickers from the local Singer shop or haberdashery, the possibilities were endless.

And So Were The Chairbag Surprises!

And when the holidays came around and you tipped everything out of your chairbag, and I do mean everything; there was always a surprise of sorts!

That Ghostbusters lunchbox you thought you lost that still had a cheese ( now fur ) sandwich safely tucked away, along with the bottle of orange juice that was now probably ninety % proof after three weeks of the South African summer.

The humble chairbag really helped to develop a sense of responsibility and creativity. And the great thing is that Statesman Stationery stocks a range of hardy chairbags, in jet black or classic denim ( along with marker pens, waterproof paints, and everything possible your youngster might need to make the start of their big adventure, even bigger.

Remember: It all starts at Statesman Stationery


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