The Gift of Giving!

There is no reward greater than giving of yourself, your time or your resources to others! The recipients of these wonderful gestures are always grateful and this act of kindness may not change the world for everybody, but it does change the world one person at a time.

The world around us is filled with those in need of a caring heart and this time of year is such a wonderful time to share your blessings with those around you. There are so many terrific ways to give, you can gift stationery to children, or help out at an orphanage or take time to talk to the elderly. You could gather a team and build or upgrade an existing playground or establish a new park. You may even take Christmas presents to shelters for those less fortunate. Giving comes in many forms! You are the one who decides to either share by volunteering time, giving money or even donating existing resources, that is completely up to you!

Every single heart that opens and gives without expectation of reward instantly warms the hearts of those around them.

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