The history of pens


Pens were used in ancient Egypt (around 3000BC) by scribes who invented pens made of reed, they were invented to replace styluses and the writing on clay. In the 7thCentury quills (pens made using the flight feathers of birds) made their way into use by the writers of the middle ages. Modern day pens came about in the 18th Century and cooper tip pens have been found in the remnants of Pompeii.

In 1822 John Mitchel began the mass production of metal tip pens, with improvements made to the original steel tips and dipping pens over time. The pen evolved from pens being dipped into ink wells to pens that had ink reservoirs which no longer needed to be dipped which made writing quicker and easier. Even though the pen had evolved over the years, pens with reservoirs only became popular in the 19th Century when the fountain pen was invented. Over the years many inventors changed the designs of the pen and soon there were a variety of pens available to users across the globe by writers and inventors alike.

Pens can be found in all shapes, forms and colours. Everything from rollerball pens, felt tip pens and even ceramic tips are used today. The ink is no longer limited to just ink, they use gels and liquids in our pens today.

We use pens for writing, signing documents, taking notes in class and at the office, to doodle, to create and to make our mark.

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