The importance of keeping a tidy work-space.

Most successful people will tell you that one of the key reasons they are so highly productive is because they keep their workspace clean and organized. Agreed, with children it is more challenging, and a vast majority of the teen population has yet to completely master the art of organized. This does not mean that we as parents should not lead our children by working along side them as opposed to trying to force the state of tidy and organized.

Cleaning up after a day of work and play is quite overwhelming, especially for a restless child, most of the time parents will send them off to play and will then take the time to clean up and get it sorted out without a fuss. We are seasoned in the art of organization and our parents started teaching us this skill from a young age. Parents should be offering the same to today’s children.

Children need to discover the joy of helping maintain their workspace when we explain why the paintbrushes should be washed after they have been used and then next time, we don’t have to wait because the cleaning up was done last time. Also, it is a time to teach, you can count the brushes together, learn colours and shapes together. There is a multitude of knowledge in your mind that you are going to share with your child(ren). This is a time of talking and a time for your child(ren) to explain to you how they see the world.

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