Time to craft the decorations for the festive season

At this time of the year, when all the Halloween decorations have been packed away, families all over the world take out the little boxes, toilet rolls, paper, ribbons, glitter, paintbrushes and paint and begin to make their homes shine from top to bottom with homemade decorations.

Why do we do this? Well mostly its because it is so much fun, but also a lot of it has to do with spending time together and bringing a personal cheer to the home we live in. It is a time for families to talk about the year gone by and the wishes for under the Christmas tree and what better way to do it than with paint-covered hands and glitter sprinkled everywhere.

From painting baubles to making snowflakes, the giggles that erupt around the house are priceless and the memories made while children play while imagining their decorations hanging everywhere. The excitement on their faces as they see their idea’s come to life and suddenly the celebration is not just a store-bought affair, it has a true moment captured in the time spent doing arts and crafts while decorating our homes with joy.

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