Unlock your inner child

There is nothing more joyous than play, we see children doing it every day and we as adults cannot fathom let alone remember the last time we truly played with such gusto. The older we get, the less we remember how to play, to laugh until our stomachs hurt, to jump and run with excitement. Honestly, it’s sad, because we believe we have no time to play. 

When last did you actually enjoy playing dolls with your daughter or build a fort with your son without feeling like it was this massive chore on top of being exhausted from work, duties, expectations and demands? This is not an attack, it is an honest question? We parents get so distracted by daily expectations that we forget we had children for more than one reason. We may be bound to them through love and duty, and this is good, but children are sent to us so we can learn how to play, laugh and explore life with them. 

Children bring us so much joy, they remind us how to play in the dirt, how to throw flour around the kitchen while we are baking, they will paint our faces and throw glitter in the air if given the chance. Children have this natural ability to turn even the most mundane of tasks into fun. If we allow them and ourselves to just be children, even if it’s just for a short while, you will soon find more time for play and life will suddenly become joyful and fun again.

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