Using Colour!

Considering the level of colour required to continuously engage children, it makes sense that stationery is produced in so many bold and beautiful colours and designs.

Colour helps us to remember facts, add fun to what we are learning and bring new light to the world of black and white. Not even 30 years ago, most textbooks were set in the ever-economical print of black, white and greyscale. However today, we see a massive change in this practice. Today’s textbooks, readers and learning materials are becoming bolder, more outspoken and definitely more fun to read and use. All of a sudden, a dull picture is brought to life with picture-perfect illustrations jumping out of books. Children’s books are written using exciting texts to highlight special, new or interesting words. This is a new spin on the way we learn, and it is done with a new colourful and engaging twist.

Providing tools to bring colour to a child’s world is not just to keep them excited it is to equip them with the means to bring life to what knowledge they are absorbing.

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