The world is gathering by the millions as we all stand behind Greta Thunberg who is currently addressing politicians with regards to the fight for Climate Justice, the fight for the future of every generation living now and those to come. I admit I am moved by this girl!

She is a child who is fighting for something that should matter to every single one of us. SHE IS FIGHTING FOR OUR HOME!This girl has brought me to tears, not because I am sad, but because I’m proud of her! She is raising up armies of people to fight for one absolutely crucial cause! She has shifted the focus from individuality to unity. She is getting teachers, parents, workers, packers, delivery personnel, directors, managers and children to unify for this movement!

There are millions of people posting their pictures standing against the Climate Crisis we face today; she is bringing awareness to this with such passion it is absolutely amazing to see. If we don’t listen and start standing with Greta, we are going to be on the receiving end of very harsh reality. THIS IS OUR HOME!

What we are fighting for, is that we all make the changes needed to secure the future we claim to hold dear for our children.

How can we continue to ignore this problem, when this girl, is traversing the inner workings of our political leaders to make us shift from a population of destroyers into a gathering of world changers! I stand by Greta, We stand by Greta! We will be a part of the solution!

A beautiful world is achieved by beautiful people!

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