Who would have chalked it up to all that?

  • Grocery lists…
  • Bleeding noses…
  • Home office reminders…

What’s the one thing these all should have in common?

Liquid Chalk… No, you read right, Liquid chalk, is literally the most useful product invented since superglue ( don’t get us started on that )

Do you make grocery lists and constantly leave them at home, well we sure did, until we found out that you can write your grocery list on the front of your fridge, so as you finish something, add it to the list, and all you need to do is snap a pic with your phone before you go shopping, and use a wet-wipe to clean off last weeks list once you’ve packed away your shopping…. Genius!

Glass sliding doors, who hasn’t been there, running full force into a closed sliding door on a summers night, not only can you use liquid chalk to mark any glass sliding doors, you can get pretty creative about it too, and mix it up month by month, all you need it a wet-wipe and some glass cleaner. And maybe some blood remover for your new carpets…

With a home office, literally, any surface becomes one big to-do list, the window in front of your desk, the wall next to you, the possibilities are endless.

And naturally, at Statesman Stationery, we have every type of chalk ever invented, including liquid, in awesome shades. Why not give it a try!?

Save the planet…
Save that carpet…
And definitely save the date for date night!

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