Writing, the ancient art of expression

For thousands of years people have been writing, we write about our feelings, we write down our plans, we write songs and poems, we write for projects and for proposals. Writing is an ever-growing and ever-evolving art form. It started with pictures being drawn on walls and pieces of stone. Stone tablets soon turned into papyrus and then into the paper as we know it today.

Some of our greatest minds have used the written word as a way to bring their ideas to the world. Books have been a source of inspiration, economic change, faith, learning and just for a place to escape. Today we have access to audiobooks and e-books from all over the world, there is nothing that limits our access to a plethora of knowledge and fantasy.

Obviously in there are still bookstores and libraries in every city and village across the globe, or at least we like to believe so. There are countries where books are something that only the elite have access to, but with the way things are changing it can be said that in near future, as long as you have access to the internet, all books will be available to inquisitive minds of the world.

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